Debt recovery in Latvia

Legal Balance provides a pre-trial recovery service. If the debtor continues to default, the company’s representatives take the debtor to court to enforce the debt, and we also provide monitoring services for bailiff procedures. Our large database and efficient digitised processes allow us to achieve maximum results.

The debts of natural and legal persons and the company’s performance in debt management can be tracked in real time by logging into the Legal Balance self-service platform.


Pre-trial debt recovery


Pre-trial debt recovery gives your client the opportunity to pay their debts in good faith, avoiding lengthy court proceedings. 

During pre-trial recovery, we ensure: 

  • periodic communication with the client; 
  • finding and updating contacts; 
  • setting up and monitoring the implementation of agreements;
  • recommendations for clients who persistently default on their debts.

We ensure that we always work with the debtor to find a mutually beneficial and workable solution, responsibly assessing expectations and options. Our aim is not only to recover the debt, but also to preserve your relationship with your client. 


Judicial debt recovery


If the debtor disputes the debt or delays in settling the debt in a pre-trial procedure, we can represent the client and apply to the court for the debt to be enforced. We cooperate with lawyers so that your legal costs will be charged to the debtor.

We can go to court immediately, depending on the client’s needs. Before taking this step, we assess the borrower’s ability to pay and check all the necessary documents needed for the application. We remind our clients that court is not necessarily the only way to recover a debt, so we analyse each individual case and suggest other possible solutions.

We represent our client’s interests and follow the case all the way through to the receipt of the enforcement document. We file documents with bailiffs on behalf of our clients.

Once the debtor agrees to repay the debt, we draw up payment schedules, approve them in court and supervise the implementation of the agreement.

 Administration of bailiff proceedings

We provide supervision and administration of bailiff cases:

  • When we receive an enforcement document, we submit cases to bailiffs via the Bailiffs’ Information System, we monitor them, and we provide updated information on each case we administer. 
  • We administer cases referred to bailiffs when payments are not made. We analyse the case and suggest the most effective solutions to the problem.
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