Debt recovery abroad

Legal Balance is a privileged partner of EOS – a global network of debt collection companies – in the Baltic States, allowing us to administer and collect debts anywhere in the world. This network brings together debt administration companies in more than 180 countries around the world, ensuring a smooth and efficient recovery process for natural and legal persons abroad.

Our solutions help to achieve good results in recovering funds in various countries at no extra cost: there are no up-front debt administration fees, and the service is only paid based on the portion of the debt recovered.


Why trust Legal Balance with debt recovery abroad?


● Debt recovery is based on the one-stop shop principle. A single company handles the entire process of recovering a debt abroad through a network of partners. This process ensures smooth communication, as the client communicates with the manager representing them in Lithuanian at all times.

● International debt recovery is carried out from both natural and legal persons. The EOS partner network allows for debt recovery in different countries in accordance with the laws in force in those countries, as recovery is carried out through the intermediaries operating in each country.

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